PSA and Poster Projects

2020-2021 PSA & Poster Project

"We Stand Together"


Congratulations to the 2020-2021 PSA Project


Middle School


Next Chapter

Jamila Baptista – Grade 8

Roodiana Dorsainvil – Grade 8

Sabrina Dumerant – Grade 7

Nora Freeman – Grade 5

Nancy Nimako- Grade 7

Ariana Diaz – Grade 7

Winter Hill Community Innovation School 

Somerville Public Schools



High School


Black Student Lives Matter

Emma Galbraith, 10th Grade

Lily Joyce,11th Grade

Jared Macdonald,11th Grade

Jackie Magner, 11th Grade

Samantha Magner, 11th Grade

Katie Musgrave, 11th Grade

Gianna Naulivou, 11th Grade

Angelina Palazzolo,10th Grade

Turfa Sarfaraz, 11th Grade

Shivani Srikanth, 11th Grade

Taleen Toby, 10th Grade

North Reading High School

North Reading Public Schools

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 PSA Project

Honorable Mentions


Middle School


We Stand Together- Equality

Daisalyn Iem – Grade 7

Diandra Heung – Grade 7

Daley Middle School

Lowell Public Schools


PSA Project Poem

Alanna Bastien – Grade 8

Daley Middle School

Lowell Public Schools


High School


We Stand Together

Destiny Ayala-Gonzalez (Brockton)

Trinity Buckley (West Bridgewater)

Hazel Costello (Brockton)

William Folan (West Bridgewater)

Antonio Gomes-Noyes (Brockton)

Alyssa Monteiro (Brockton)

Delilah Parma (Easton)

Kya Wallin (Brockton)

Precious Bembery (Brockton)

Tyler Chamberlain (Stoughton)

Aviyah Clark (Brockton)

Delor Ehade (Brockton)

Jacob Howland (Brockton)

Olivia Silva (Norton) 

Jacob Nalbandian (Mansfield)

Fanny Mizhirumbay (Brockton)

Southeastern Regional Technical High School


We Believe

Brian McCall – Grade 12 (Pepperell)

Rebecca Loureiro – Grade 12 (Chelmsford)

Ryan Jaeger – Grade 12 (Dunstable)

Nashoba Valley Technical High School


MPY’s Poster and PSA theme for the 2020-2021 is “We Stand Together.” This theme is inspired by Black Lives Matter at School (, a national committee of educators organizing for anti-racism and racial justice in education.  The following suggested topics for “We Stand Together” are taken from Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles:  


Restorative Justice is the commitment to build a beloved and loving community that is sustainable and growing. 

“We know that if you knock down someone's block building, you have to help them rebuild it, you can't just say, ‘Sorry’ and walk away. Another way to say that is ‘restorative justice’ and it's the idea that we have to help people when something happens to them, even if it was by accident.”  


Empathy is one’s ability to connect with others by building relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

“It’s so important to think about how other people feel, because different people have different feelings. Sometimes it helps to think about how you would feel if the same thing that happened to your friend happened to you.  Another way say that is empathy.”                      

Loving Engagement is the commitment to practice justice, liberation, and peace.

“It’s so important to make sure that we are always trying to be fair and peaceful. We have to keep practicing this so that we can get better and better at it. Another way to say that is loving engagement.”

Diversity is the celebration and acknowledgment of differences and commonalities across cultures.

“Different people do different things and have different feelings.  It’s so important that we have lots of different kinds of people in our community and that everyone feels safe. Another way to say that is diversity.”


The Poster Project deadline for submissions was Jan. 29, 2021.

The deadline for PSA submissions was April 2, 2021.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Project
There was one division for Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and all students who attend schools that belong to Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) were eligible to participate. 


Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Poster Project



Elementary School



Cameron Cranshaw

Grade 3

Luther Elementary

Swansea Public Schools




Middle School



Tianxin Wang

Grade 7

Forestdale School

Malden Public Schools




High School


Dominic Carbone

Grade 11

Nashoba Valley Technical High School






Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Poster Project

Honorable Mentions

Elementary School


Alianna Anemoduris

Grade 5

George Keverian School

Everett Public Schools



Adelaide Calvert

Grade 4

West Somerville Neighborhood School

Somerville Public Schools


Middle School


Avery Miller

Grade 6

McCall Middle School

Winchester Public Schools


Julia Locatelli Da Luz

Grade 6

West Somerville Neighborhood School

Somerville Public Schools



High School

Carolyn Dorman

Grade 11

Nashoba Valley Technical High School


Kathryn Young

Grade 10

Nashoba Valley Technical High School


Trinity Fournier

Grade 11

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School





Congratulations to all of the winners of

MPY's 2019/2020 Poster Project!

Last year's theme was


Elementary School

Winner: “Respect is a Gift That Should Be Shared” by Gabrielle Manadee, 

Johnson Elementary School, Nahant 


Honorable Mention: "Respect Others” by Avery Miller, 

 Ambrose Elementary School, Winchester

Middle School

Winner: "Love is Love," by Ly Nguyen, 

Ferryway Middle School, Malden


Honorable Mention: Hand In Hand," by Isabella Jardine, 

Ottoson Middle School, Arlington

High School

 Winner: "Respect Each Other," by Jack Labossiere,

Old Colony Regional Technical Vocational HS


Honorable Mention: "Know the Warning Signs," by Sabrina Stone,           

Old Colony Regional Technical Vocational HS


The winning posters were selected by a panel of judges from a pool of 223 entries. Judges included school administrators, curriculum leaders, police chiefs, school resource officers, art teachers, middle school students, attorneys, and mental health professionals. 

Last year's theme was based on the initiative from the Governor's Office - in partnership with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the Massachusetts State Legislature - to promote healthy relationships.

MPY's Poster Project endeavors to increase awareness about what constitutes a healthy relationship, to highlight the need for respect in relationships, and to identify escalating behaviors that may lead to unhealthy and unsafe relationships.



2018-2019 PSA & Poster Project
"Be A Voice, Not An Echo"
“Be A Voice, Not An Echo” -Albert Einstein


Elementary School:
Winner: "Be Guided By Your Own Values," by June Crowley, Johnson Elementary School, Nahant
Honorable Mention: "I Believe in Me," by Anna Schuemann, Johnson Elementary School, Nahant

Middle School:
Winner: "Be A Voice, Make A Difference," by Teresa Whitfield, Dedham Middle School
Honorable Mention: "Speak," by Mariah Frazier, Butler Middle School, Lowell

High School:
Winner: "Let Your Voice Be Heard," by Cassandra Kuechler, Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School
Honorable Mention: "Create the World," by James Lyons, Framingham High School
Honorable Mention: "Take Bold Steps," by Emily Rios, Lowell High School

Past PSA Project Winners:

2018 Be the Change:  Be the Change – Everett High School

2017 Challenge Yourself Be Resilient: “Keep Going” – Somerville High School

2016 Write the Story You Want to Tell: "Defeat Stress” - Somerville High School

2015 I'm Worth More: "What Happened to Being a Princess" -- Somerville High School

2014 Community Involves You: "Take Time to Get Involved" - Nashoba Valley Technical High School, Westford

Past Poster Project Winners

2018 Be the Change: "HUMAN," - Bre Gutheil, Nashoba Valley Technical High School (High School Winner)

2018 Be the Change: "Make it Happen," -  Ava Desario, Trahan Elementary School, Tewksbury (Elementary School Winner) 

2017 Challenge Yourself- Be Resilient: Smooth Seas, – Melanie Hennessey, Minuteman Regional Technical High School

2016 Write the Story You Want to Tell: "Self Confidence,"  - Cheyanne Thistle, Nashoba Valley Technical High School

2015 I'm Worth More - "Dominos," Tristan Khim, Nashoba Valley Technical High School

2014 Community Involves You - “CommUnity Involves You,” Melissa Medina, Greater Lowell Technical High School


Electronic submissions may be emailed to sydney@mpyinc.orgPosters and PSAs must be submitted by a teacher/advisor. 
Please review all rules before submitting.

All poster entries must be an electronic file (hard copies will not be accepted). All entries can be submitted electronically as .JPG/.JPEG, posters can be scanned as .JPG/JPEG and emailed. Upload submission to Google Drive.

Electronic: Enclose your signed application (signature of student and parent/guardian is required), a .jpg/.jpeg file that contains your poster submission, and a list of students who were involved in the creative process and upload to Google Drive. Please make sure you provide permission on Google Drive for MPY to view and download posters. Submission should be emailed to

All PSA entries must be submitted electronically through Google Drive. If submitting through Google Drive, please make sure you provide permission on Google Drive for MPY to view and download.



Official Rules for PSA Project
The PSA Project is open to all high school and middle school students from Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) member districts, and includes individuals and groups of students, as well as student organizations, classes, clubs or athletic teams. A panel consisting of students, educators, law enforcement, and MPY staff will review the entries.

Content Limitations PSA submitted:

  • cannot include copyrighted music (original music is accepted)
  • cannot include clips from movies, television shows or music videos
  • cannot include profane language, nudity, sex, weapons or depict excessive violence
  • cannot reference any commercial product or advertiser
  • cannot have actors wearing clothing with logos or any other commercial reference
  • cannot depict scenes of substance abuse or sexual activity
  • should not identify the school district or town through clothing, signage or logos

*Sound and visuals must be clear

PSAs must be original and directed toward youth. Videos should be inclusive in terms of race, gender, and sexual orientation and should communicate a positive message. Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc. reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project.

To Enter Electronic (preferred): Upload to Google Drive the video file (Windows Media Video, AVI or mp4 format) along with your signed application (signature of student and parent/guardian is required) and a list of cast/crew members. Submission should be emailed to

The deadline for PSA submissions is April 2, 2021.

Disclosure: All submitted materials become the property of the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc. (MPY) and will not be returned. In addition, MPY reserves the right to use these materials for educational purposes. By signing this application, and if the student is under the age of 18, the parent/guardian agrees to the use of any such images submitted. Such educational purposes include, but are not limited to programs sponsored by the above-mentioned agency, print, radio and television media, and posting on the agency website.